Engineering (CAD/CAM)

Efficient software

Our CNC machines are controlled by the latest CAD/CAM software. The use of such a system provides many benefits as regards the realisation of your product. Every 3D model can be read accurately by our machines, which results in a reduction of errors during the production process. This allows us to use every machine as efficiently as possible, which in turn leads to a faster and higher-quality result.

It is not only important to have good machines; a sound CAD/CAM package is also important. That is why we purchased VISI and we make sure that our employees remain continuously up-to-date regarding the latest developments by means of training.

From sketch to product

At AVB B.V., we consider it important to be closely involved in the development of your products and we are of the opinion that transparent cooperation leads to the best possible production process. Whether you come to use with that sketch you drew on a beer mat last night, a prototype or a fully-elaborated CAD/CAM design: we take the time for every customer.

We realise optimal designs and constructions together with you by listening, looking and supplementing. We go through every step of the process with you so that everything is designed entirely according to your wishes. Such cooperation makes a difference in time, costs and especially quality.